Building rock solid businesses.

Dirigo helps you build and maintain rock solid business foundations, giving you the confidence to concentrate on growing your business and servicing your customers.

Plan today for tomorrow’s success.

Strategy, systems and planning are key building blocks of a rock solid business. Dirigo’s proven framework and expertise helps you get these processes right.

Get the right finance at the best price.

The right finance can facilitate strong growth, substantially reduce risk and save you a lot of money. With our broad skillset, Dirigo understands what businesses need and can negotiate deals like no other.

Position your business as the market leader.

If your branding and marketing aren’t outstanding, then you’re working harder than you need to attract customers. Dirigo can help you get this right and turbocharge your sales.

Brisbane’s leading business advisory, coaching and finance broking firm.

In the modern marketplace, owners of small businesses are expected to know how to do everything – marketing, finance, accounting, insurance and much more.

It’s an impossible task to manage all these things well, but still too many business owners attempt it. The foundations of these businesses are often weak as a result, leaving them shaky in the face of adversity. In fact, many thousands of businesses fail every year simply because they don’t build and maintain solid foundations. These failures are both catastrophic to the owners and entirely preventable.

This is why Dirigo was created – to prevent more business owners from experiencing the devastation of failure.

We use our expertise to help our business clients build and maintain ROCK SOLID foundations, at a fraction of the cost of hiring more staff. Our range of services is extensive, including strategic advisory, business coaching, financial analysis, business finance broking, marketing and insurance. Whatever each unique business requires, we can provide it.

With Dirigo in their corner, the business owner will unlock more time to focus on growing their business and servicing their customers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that the rest is taken care of. Regaining this focus leads not only to reduced risk of failure, but to more customers, higher profits and more satisfied owners.

Talk to Dirigo today about how we can start building your rock solid foundations.

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FBAA Accredited Business Finance Brokers in Brisbane

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