Building rock solid businesses.

Dirigo helps you build and maintain rock solid business foundations, giving you the confidence to concentrate on growing your business and servicing your customers.


Plan today for tomorrow’s success.

Strategy, systems and planning are key building blocks of a rock solid business. Dirigo’s proven framework and expertise helps you get these processes right.


Get the right finance at the best price.

The right finance can facilitate strong growth, substantially reduce risk and save you a lot of money. With our broad skillset, Dirigo understands what businesses need and can negotiate deals like no other.


Position your business as the market leader.

If your branding and marketing aren’t outstanding, then you’re working harder than you need to attract customers. Dirigo can help you get this right and turbocharge your sales.


Brisbane’s leading business advisory, coaching and finance broking firm.

In the modern marketplace, owners of small businesses are expected to know how to do everything – marketing, finance, accounting, insurance and much more. It’s an impossible task to manage all these things well, but still too many business owners attempt it. The foundations of these businesses are often weak as a result, leaving them shaky in the face of adversity. In fact, many thousands of businesses fail every year simply because they don’t build and maintain solid foundations. These failures are both catastrophic to the owners and entirely preventable. This is why Dirigo was created – to prevent more business owners from experiencing the devastation of failure. We use our expertise to help our business clients build and maintain ROCK SOLID foundations, at a fraction of the cost of hiring more staff. Our range of services is extensive, including strategic advisory, business coaching, financial analysis, business finance broking, marketing and insurance. Whatever each unique business requires, we can provide it. With Dirigo in their corner, the business owner will unlock more time to focus on growing their business and servicing their customers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that the rest is taken care of. Regaining this focus leads not only to reduced risk of failure, but to more customers, higher profits and more satisfied owners. Talk to Dirigo today about how we can start building your rock solid foundations.

How do we assist?

Dirigo Group - Advisory, Coaching, Business Plans, Forecasting, Bookkeeping, Turnaround


Dirigo acts as a trusted adviser to a wide range of businesses, from startups to corporates. Our clients trust us to help them achieve their goals, overcome challenges, take advantage of good times and get through tough times. Our broad knowledge base means we can provide smart, holistic strategic guidance across all aspects of our clients’ businesses. Business Coaching Business Plans Cash Flow Forecasts Xero Setup & Bookkeeping Business Turnaround Startup Advisory Acquisitions Advisory
Dirigo Group - Business Loans, Finance, Property Lending, Cash Flow Funding, Turnaround Finance


Dirigo boasts an outstanding track record of success in obtaining business finance for our clients. Our approach is simple: we take the time to thoroughly understand every aspect of each transaction we deal with. We draw on our combined skills across banking, accounting, marketing and corporate finance to compose applications that are articulate and ready for approval. As a result, our success rate is almost 100% and we negotiate the sharpest pricing in the market. Banking Tenders Cash Flow Finance Development Finance Equipment Finance Turnaround Finance SMSF Lending
Dirigo Group - Marketing, Web Design, Brand Development, Business Websites, SEO, Social Media


Dirigo assists our clients in bringing more dollars in the door by taking a more strategic approach to sales and marketing. Marketing is much more than drawing pretty pictures. It’s about developing and communicating a compelling point of difference, based on a deep understanding of your capabilities, the needs of your target markets and the activities of your competitors. Dirigo helps to develop that point of difference and communicate it via branding, marketing collateral, web design and social media. Marketing Plans Brand Development Web Design
Dirigo Group - Business Consulting


Dirigo aims to provide a complete, integrated consultancy solution to our business clients. To extend our capabilities even further, we have carefully selected a handful of organisations to assist us in providing some services where we don’t have the skillset in-house. These organisations share our philosophies and approach to business, and demonstrate the same commitment to getting the best possible results every time.

The Dirigo Ecosystem

Our range of management consulting capabilities includes business advisory, finance broking and marketing

Dirigo + your business = results.

Dirigo’s point of difference lies in the fact that we actually understand business. Entrepreneurship runs in our blood; all of our directors have dedicated our careers to creating, growing, managing and assisting businesses. We know that:
  1. Business can be a lonely place, and business owners need good people around them to act as sounding boards.
  2. Business owners have a vision for their future, but sometimes need assistance to achieve it.
  3. Business owners need advice that actually helps them get results, spelled out in plain English.
Here’s proof that our approach works, straight from the mouths of some of our clients:
“Sam and Chris have been brilliant. They gave me all the information that i needed every step of the way in setting up Queensland Physiotherapy, with great advice along the way. It obvious that they take pride in what they do and really get a kick out of helping others succeed. Very highly recommended.” (Ian Alberts, Director, Queensland Physiotherapy)
“Chris from Dirigo Group has been a great help for me to understand exactly what was happening in our business and what we could do to make it more profitable. Big help to have someone with Chris’s experience to look at opportunities unseen and how to get to where we needed to be.” (Gerry McElroy, Parts Plus)
“It was a fortuitous day for the EDS Group when Dirigo Group offered us their services.” (Frank Soll, Director, EDS Group)
“I highly recommend Dirigo, and will definitely engage their services again in future when the need arises.” (Trent Meade, Director, Revelry Entertainment)
“Great business nous. We have worked with Chris from Dirigo for many years and have always been impressed with his sound advice that comes from his ability to look at things globally, backed by his varied business experience.” (Paul Graham, Director, Harmony Vision Care)

Assistance at every stage of your life.


Turn a great idea into reality.

The first two years in the life of a new business are critical; according to the latest ABS data, 42% of all new businesses fail to survive their first two years of operation. In our experience, there are three main reasons for failure: a weak business case, poorly conceived model, and inadequate planning. Engaging Dirigo upfront to make sure your business model is sound, you have adequate funding and you know exactly how your new venture will operate is a prudent step to help ensure your entire investment of time and money doesn’t go to waste. Learn more »


Grow strongly but sustainably.

Growth in a business can be as scary as it is exciting. Manage it correctly, and you’ll be in for an exciting, profitable and satisfying ride. Manage it badly, and chances are you’ll find yourself stressed beyond belief, with no cash in the bank and potentially a failed business. We’ve seen both great and terrible management of high growth businesses, and we know exactly where the pitfalls are. We can help you ensure you’ve got the right funding, processes and people to succeed. Learn more »


Maintain your momentum.

The responsibility of improving your business is never over. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, a more innovative, hungrier competitor will almost certainly start picking off your customers. But to challenge your own status quo, and to keep pushing yourself and your business to greater heights, is an uncomfortable process in an established business, where you and your employees are used to doing things a certain way. Dirigo can help you confront this challenge by providing an experienced, objective source of ideas and guidance. Learn more »


Exit on your terms.

The reward for building and managing a successful business should be an eventual transition to a well-funded exit. Whether this involves a trade sale, management buy-out or transfer to the next generation, it is critical that you allow sufficient time for planning. This will allow you to extract the best possible price and more importantly ensure the business can survive and thrive without you in it, thus preserving the legacy of your hard work. Dirigo offers expert support through this process. Learn more »

Start a conversation today.

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